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Individual Cluster Lashes B04

Individual Cluster Lashes B04

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Russian Faux Mink Cluster Lashes B04 

The Individual Cluster lashes are made from synthetic PBT material which is much shiner than mink or silk lashes and is the strongest of them all. When you apply these lashes they appear more dramatic than mink or silk lashes and best of all they are vegan and cruelty-free. Cluster Lashes are very strong and they hold their shape very well, our cluster lashes lash for up to a week, and are a temporary fixture. Our Individual Cluster lashes are designed to create thickness, volume, and length to your natural lash line. Once you know how to use our cluster lashes, they will become easy to apply and remove.


Easy to apply and remove at home - Our Clusters can be applied by applying cluster lash bond onto the roots of your lashes (you do not need to coat your whole eyelash with a bond if you do not want to) Everyone applied their bond and lashes differently Leave your lashes to get tacky and then apply a little bond to the individual lash band and then apply the individual lash under your natural lash line. start from the outer corner of your eye finishing at the inner corner of your eye for the best results. you can choose what size you want for example (14mm x2 12mm x1 10mm x2 8mm x1) This is down to your personal preference. To remove lashes you can use individual lash remover.

Benefits of our cluster lashes:

> D curl Clusters 

> Cruelty Free 

> Lightweight

> Last up to 1 week


How to care for your lashes: Refrain from scrubbing your eyes when in the shower and ensure to brush your lashes after finishing your shower. Brush through your lashes daily to keep them clean and fluffy. When you are ready to remove your lashes ensure you use the correct eyelash remover/shampoo. 

Each Box contains 48 individual clusters in style B04. Bond & Seal is NOT included. You can find the bundle including Bond & Seal under BUNDLES on the website. 

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