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Russian Faux Mink Strip Lash DC10

Russian Faux Mink Strip Lash DC10

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Russian Faux Mink Lash DC10

DC10 Lashes are light at the start of the lash and thick and fluffy towards the edge of the lash. Giving you the salon look you have been searching for. The DC10 Lash has a black band which is where you apply your lash glue. The Russian Faux Mink collection has the best quality material used when creating these lashes. They are made from a soft plant fiber material called Hemp fibre which leaves the lash with a fluffy finish and is soft to the touch which is what you want from a lash. DC10 lashes are perfect for a night out look or a dramatic everyday look and that's down to you when you decide to wear them. The DC10 lashes are reusable faux mink lashes meaning you can enjoy the same look multiple times for longer-lasting fun. Our range can be re-used up to 10 times. Always place them back in the tray when not in use.

Application: Measure the lash against your natural lash line and trim it down to your size. Apply a thin layer of lash adhesive to the black lash band. Position the lash as close to your natural lash line as possible and press down into place. Leaving you with a gorgeous set of new salon-like lashes. 

Benefits of our lashes:



How to care for your lashes: When you have removed your lashes clean any excess glue. Carefully brush through your lashes with a spoolie to keep them fluffy and place them back onto the tray so they don't lose shape.

Each Box contains 1 pair of Russian Faux Mink Strip Lashes in style (DC10) Lash glue is not included. Lash Glue is to be purchased separately.

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